Flourishing Capital Partners With Trustpad to Host Our Public Sale and Launch

The Launchpad to Help Us Flourish

Good Evening Flourishers!

Today we are delighted to announce that Trustpad is conducting the official IDO and public sale for our token. Trustpad is our first choice of launchpad because of its proven commitment to safety and security. Further, Trustpad’s commitment to equitability through its guaranteed allocation-style offerings resonated with our core values.

Overall, we look forward to our valued community members receiving the safest, most seamless user experience possible through Trustpad’s public sale interface.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the whitelisting process for our public sale and other pertinent details!

About Trustpad

Trustpad offers the safest and most secure multi-chain launchpad available. Trustpad currently supports Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum to integrate Cardano, Solana and Polkadot in the near future. With concrete goals of providing the best user experience possible, Trustpad hand-picks every project launched on its platform. All of this is to provide a best-in-class experience for investors and the projects they launch, through their ‘quality over quantity’ approach.

About Flourishing

Flourishing AI is the most advanced artificial intelligence, portfolio management and insights solution in the market. The live platform supports portfolio risk-adjusted returns by combining deep learning inference, active blockchain monitoring, high-frequency trading, active portfolio rebalancing, automated arbitrage, target price probability analysis, and early pattern recognition of bull markets, bear markets, or unexpected market events.

Founded in 2019, Flourishing Capital is led by experienced entrepreneurs who’ve held key roles at Nvidia, Oracle, Gree, and Planview, with a combined three decades of experience in digital assets research and development, payments systems, scalable platform deployment, and acquisitions at companies such as Paypal.

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Twitter | Telegram | Website | Medium

By Mitchell Keller | Twitter | Edited by Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran and Humza Nasir — Lead Graphic by Caelan Flemmings GD10.Ventures — Marketing division: enquiries



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